About Threatucation

Threatucation grew out of experiences owner Eric Magill has had as an IT consultant with his company FlexITechs, a Managed IT Services Provider in Ocean View, Del. that Magill founded in 2003.

The numerous scams customers fell for convinced Magill that small- and mid-sized organizations like those found on the Delmarva Peninsula needed to be aware of the scams cyber criminals use to take advantage of the lack of security found at SMBs, who simply can’t afford the 24×7 security and monitoring that large enterprises deploy.

Thus, in 2018 was born Threatucation, a company dedicated to creating a culture of cyber security in SMBs with affordable Cyber Security Awareness Training programs and security solutions.

For more about us, visit our web site at https://www.threatucation.com or email us at info@threatucation.com. You can also call us at 302-537-4198.