Importance of Risk Assessments

As a Pisces, I’m naturally empathetic. As an IT Consultant for the past 15 years, that empathy has developed in me a passion for securing my clients’ networks against the near-daily attacks they face from hackers.

Knock on wood, I have been fortunate that my small business customers in that 15 years have experienced only two security incidents.

Both were relatively minor, didn’t cost as much to recover from as the average data breach, and didn’t meet regulatory requirements to report the breaches to the media.

Nonetheless, the second incident required the organization to notify the approximately 60 individuals whose Personally Identifiable Information (PII) had been compromised.

Those two incidents and the ongoing anxiety my clients feel about their network’s security are why I offer a free, no-obligation Cyber Security Risk Assessment to not only my clients but also to prospects.

Whether you ultimately use our Threatucation End-User Security Awareness Program or not, I want you to take advantage of this free Cyber Security Risk Assessment so you know, instead of guessing, what cyber security measures you need in place to protect your organization, employees, customers and vendors.

When the risk assessment is complete, you’ll know:

  • The current state of your IT security measures
  • The types and sensitivity of the data your employees handle
  • The interest hackers would have in your organization’s data
  • The value of your data to hackers
  • The cost of a data breach to your organization
  • Your current vulnerabilities to social engineering attacks
  • The likelihood that your company will face direct or indirect attacks by cyber criminals

From this assessment, which will take about an hour of your time, you will be able to make educated decisions rather than guess about what kinds of cyber security measures you should have in place and how much you should spend on them.

To assure your customers and vendors that you take their data’s security seriously, contact me at or 302-537-4198. You can also complete the form for our FREE, no-obligation Cyber Security Risk Assessment.


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